(OCTOBER 8-14, 2023)


The period of the Chapter is a time of great spiritual renewal and rejuvenation for
every religious group. And indeed, it was for us as we embarked on the journey of
this renewal from the 8 th day of October to the 14 th day of October. Every Chapter
marks the end of an administration and the beginning of a new, even if the
members of the previous ones were reelected. We give glory and praise to God for
the services rendered by the previous administration; and we seek God’s strength
and help for the new.

Opening Ceremony
At 7.45pm, on the first day, Sunday, October 8, 2023, the Fifth Chapter Congress
of the Vicariate of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Nigeria, began from the grotto of
Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Nsukka. The Provincial, Fr. James Noonan, the
Chapter facilitator, Sr. Patricia Chima, MSHR, together with all the Solemnly
professed Friars clothed in the habit and mantle, sang hymns to Our Lady in
procession with lighted candles. At the Chapter Hall, the song “Come Holy Ghost,
Creator come” was used as invocation to the Holy Spirit. To enthrone the Word, a
scripture reading taken from John 17:5-19 was read by Fr. Clement Obiorah and
the opening prayer was led by Fr. Remigius Ikpe.
The Chapter President, Fr. James Noonan, and the Chapter Facilitator, Sr. Patricia,
were warmly welcomed by the Vicar, Fr. Thaddeus Chike Dim. He appreciated
both of them for their sacrifices and commitment to ensuring the success of the
In thanksgiving to God for journey mercies and safe travels, the Vicar welcomed
all the brothers present. He went ahead to present his report which is contained in
the Chapter Booklet.
The following are the Friars designated to perform official duties during the
President: Fr. James Noonan

Secretary: Fr. Jude Basikoro and Fr. Emmanuel Okpara
Prior: Fr. Remigius Ikpe
Bursar: Fr. Cyril Udom
Sacristan: Fr. Israel Ani
Time Keeper Fr. Moses Joseph-Soussoukpor
Teller 1: Fr. Clement Obiorah
Teller 2: Fr. Frankduff Ezurike

As the previous administration came to an end, a new election was conducted, Fr.
Chrysogonus Okorie was elected the new Vicar. He was asked if he accepts the
responsibility. To this he assented.
At 11:50 am, with all the present solemnly professed friars gathered in the Chapel
of Transfiguration, the Vicar-elect, Fr. Chrysogonus Okorie clothed in the habit and
mantle of our Lady of Mount Carmel, took the oath of fidelity and made the
profession of faith before the President of the Chapter, Fr. Jim Noonan. With joy
and happiness, the friars welcomed the new Vicar with the kiss of peace as a sign
of acceptance and promise of obedience. In thanksgiving to God, the Te Deum was
At 12:15pm, everyone gathered again in the Chapter Hall where the Vicar thanked
all the Friars for their confidence in entrusting him with this noble responsibility;
he also enjoined all to pray for him and to give him the necessary support.
Afterwards, the rest of the friars departed while the Capitulars remained to
continue with the Chapter deliberations proper.
As part of the proceedings of the Chapter was the election of the Councilors. After
the election, we have the following Councilors:
Fr. Remigius Ikpe (1 st Councilor)
Fr. Desmond-Dominic Okoro (2 nd Councilor)
Fr. Moses Joseph-Soussoukpor (3 rd Councilor)
Fr. Abraham Ugese (4 th Councilor)

After the few days of prayerful deliberations, the Chapter came to a close on
Satureday, OCTOBER 14, 2023.
The day began with the Morning Prayer (Lauds) said in common at 6.30am.
followed by the last session of the Chapter. The session began at 8:00 am with the
opening hymn “There shall be showers of Blessings” led by Fr. Eliseus
Umeakuana, then followed the Spiritual reading taken from John 13:1-10, by Fr.
Valentine Ezenwa, afterwards a prayer led by the Chapter President, Fr. Jim
Feedbacks from the preceding sessions were given by the Steering Committee.
This was followed by the reading, adoption and support of the minute. The Chapter
proposals were also collected, arranged, voted and approved by the Capitulars.

The Chapter President, Fr. James Noonan, appreciated the Friars for their
reception, hospitality and joyful disposition. He encouraged all to keep the strength
and energy, foster togetherness and fraternity. In a special way, the appreciated the
Chapter Facilitator, Sr. Patricia Chima, MSHR, for her sacrifice and hard work.
Lastly, he promised the continuous support of the Provincial Council.
In few words, Fr. Desmond-Dominic Okoro, on behalf of the Vicar, thanked the
Provincial, the Facilitator, and indeed all the Friars for their active participation.
Special thanks to the Chapter Preparatory Committee, and all the Chapter
Sr. Patricia Chima, MSHR, who facilitated the Chapter, appreciated the openness
and co-operation of the Capitulars. She described the entire Chapter as peaceful,
filled with joy and hope, and most of all re-invigorating.
Closing Ceremony with Mass
At 11:00am, the Chapter’s last session came to a close with the hymn, “Be with us
Mary” and the closing prayer by Fr. Luke-Ernest Orakwulu. Thereafter, the
Capitulars gathered in the Chapel of Transfiguration for the Mass presided over by
the Vicar, Fr. Chrysogonus Okorie.

Vicar, Fr. Chrysogonus Okorie

Fr. Remigius Ikpe (1 st Councilor)

Fr. Desmond-Dominic Okoro (2 nd Councilor)

Fr. Moses Joseph-Soussoukpor (3rd Councilor)

Fr. Abraham Ugese (4 th Councilor)