The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 2021

Pilgrimage and the Celebration of the solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel 14th-16th July, 2021

The Second Annual Pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel took place from the 14th- 16th of July 2021. The pilgrimage often comes in preparation for the celebration of the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel which on the liturgical calendar occurs on the 16th of July.

For this pilgrimage and solemnity, Catholic faithful, especially Carmelite Friars, Nuns (If permitted) and Secular Order Carmelites, devotees of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, devotee of the Infant Jesus and all those who share in the spirituality of the Carmelite flock to the sanctuary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Tabor Community, Nsukka in order to express their love and devotion for Our Lady; and to recommit themselves to her patronage.

For this year’s celebration, as most of the Discalced Carmelite Friars all over Nigeria assembled in Nsukka for this celebration so also did the faithful and devotees. Form the day of arrival of the pilgrims (14th July) till the day of the ultimate celebration (16th July), Masses were offered, prayers were conducted and reflections were given to the pilgrims who had come from all over Nigeria.

To this also, the student friars were not left out as they were deeply involved in this year’s celebration. In order to make the celebration accessible to those who were not able to attend, the student Media “Qol Hannabi” (Voice of the Prophet Carmelite Media) streamed it live and did the video coverage as well.

On the Eve of 15th which marked the beginning of the Celebration of the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, all the pilgrims gathered to pray and also carried out a rosary procession with the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel leading them on as they went.

During the Eucharistic celebration on the 16th of July, some of our student brothers were raised to the minor order of Lector and Acolyte, while also renewing their religious vows. Some of the devotees were enrolled with the scapular, making them share in our Carmelite Spirituality and enjoy the merit of the scapular. Also, all the petitions collected during the novena and before the mass were prayed over and burnt at the end of the Mass before the final blessings.

We continue to seek your participation. Come and be part of this annual spiritual event. May our Lady of Mount Carmel continue to intercede for us all. Amen.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel…. Pray for us!