Religious life begins with the novitiate. Thus, life in the Order begins at this point. The novitiate, which lasts one year, is intended to help the Carmelite novice recognize his call from God and specifically to the Order, to give him the opportunity of experiencing the way of life of the Order and of testing his intention and suitability. The novitiate introduces him to the religious life in general and to the Carmelite tradition in particular where he may experience with us the call to conversion, simplicity, faith and love. At the completion of the novitiate year and upon approval, the novice professes temporary vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience as a Carmelite. Temporary profession is made for a time, which may not be less than three years nor more than six. When this period has elapsed, the vows are renewed or solemn profession takes place. By solemn profession, a religious definitively becomes a full member of the Order. They undertake by public vow the observance of   chastity, poverty, obedience. They are consecrated to God through the ministry of the Church and they are incorporated into the Order.